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Friday, November 8, 2013


Today I came across a woman on the internet who was asking for advice on how to help her son with an autism spectrum disorder understand and deal with death. Feeling like I have a little insight on this I went to comment on the post and as I did was frustrated and disappointed in what I found. Several others had already given advice, but no one had yet to advised this woman to think of religion. I posted my thoughts and advice and hopefully it will help, but I was still left annoyed with it.

Annoyed that there are so many who do not know or maybe just do not have the faith they need to realize they have a Loving Heavenly Father and a Savior Jesus Christ. Annoyed that so many trusted some weird thought of sitting on a cloud or just sleeping in a closed casket under 6 ft of dirt.

But mostly I'm annoyed and my heart is a little torn for these people becuase they have a tough job. They have a tough and beautiful opportunity to help some of our Father's choicest children on this earth and they may not know all the wonderful comfort, peace, direction, love, etc etc etc. they can have while on this journey.

While Josh was here and my boys were together, it was sometimes a daily battle of anger, sadness, depression, joy, thankfulness, and many other feelings because I didn't understand everyday that i needed the Atonement in my life to help me deal with it. Every once in awhile I would be able to get my act together and remember, but it was hard! We are given these wonderful, precious little spirits and quite a few times we may not know how to facilitate them.

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