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Friday, May 30, 2014

Such a long time

It's been a long time since we've written on the blog. Life gives us many adventures and many changes but we're very thankful that the Lord is taking care of us are times of need. The last year has brought a lot of growing, a lot of happiness, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of joy and many adventures. Our children have continued to grow and bring joy to our lives.

Michael is now nine years old and loves Cub Scouts he is in the Bear den. He loves being a scout and I have to admit that I am enjoying the program also. I get to be the cubmaster over our pack. this year for our pinewood derby he came in first place! No one was surprised more than Steve and i. we are grateful that he wants to be a good citizen and that he wants to make a difference in this world he is a wonderful example and we love him so much.

Our Katie girl is still miss feisty pants. she was able to do gymnastics this year and loved it! there were a couple of months there where I didn't know if it was worth it but she finally pulled through and she enjoyed herself so much, she loved being able to perform in front of everybody and show off what she could do. I am so proud of her! she also did preschool this year and enjoyed it a lot. She will be 4 this year and is one of the best big sisters. she loves Lea so much, loves to sing with her, loves to play with her when they're supposed be sleeping, loves to help, loves to tease. She is a wonderful stubborn spunky blessing in our family

Little Lea lou will be two years old in August. she is a cuddler, sweet and smart, loves to do everything that Michael and Katie can do. she loves being outside, loves to play with Michael, loves to play with Katie, loves to sit and just beheld. One of her and Katie's favorite things to do together is sit and sing as loud as they can in the car for a while there falling asleep or in the middle of the store. she is my sweetheart. 

This year we reached a five-year milestone of Josh's passing. we still have some days that are hard, but more than that we have days that are easy, days that we almost forget what it was like to have him here. we miss him terribly sometimes but we know the Lord has our best interest at heart. we're grateful for the knowledge that our family can be together forever grateful for the knowledge that things will be made right in the end were grateful for Heavenly Father's plan that brings us much joy and happiness. We are grateful for our Saviors role in this plan that has made it possible for us to be together again as a family and also as eternal family with our extended family.

Other things of happened in the past year 

my grandpa Marion Ellsworth Pence was 94 years old, he passed away on Christmas Day 2013 as we were gathering together for our Christmas lunch. he had had a stroke five days earlier on December 20 and had been in the hospital since.  I was very blessed to spend a little time with him at the hospital holding his hand.  I miss him terribly, but only realize it when I think about being able to go and visit because he's not there anymore. I'm thankful he is back with my grandma and that he's not struggling with his health anymore, but I miss seeing him when I go to Ashton and I miss holding his hand and hearing his stories. 

My grandpa Boyd L Woolstenhulme also passed away on March 2 he also was 94 years old. I didn't have a great relationship with him but felt like he and I made peace together at his birthday party the weekend after Christmas. He had had a stroke earlier last year had been in the hospital and an extended care facility since, it was a blessing he was able to finally pass.  

We now own a rental house in Idaho Falls and feel very blessed to have that opportunity.
Steve and I both serve in a scouting calling. I miss primary but not so much anymore :)
Michael enjoyed his third grade year with ms call and finish the year with almost complete straight A's. He, along with other students, was given a special award for the amount of books he read at the end of the year.

Following are just some random pictures from the last 12 months