Families are Love

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My goodness it's been quite awhile since i posted!
Todayis Mother's Day and what a wonderful day to remember all the wonderful people in my life and all the blessings I've been given!So....

I am thankful for:

a home, may not be the most beautiful or expensive, but it holds so many wonderful & irreplaceable memories.

spring weather... hope it makes a stronger appearance soon, but non-the-less happy with what we've got.

Mrs. Weist!, Michael's kindergarten teacher. she is so talented and has been perfect for Michael!... couldn't ask for a better "first" teeacher :)

Steve's job providing for our family! very thankful!

that i get to stay home instead of working outside the home. thankful i get to be here for Michael, Katie, & a littleneighbor girl. :)

thankful for the friendship I have with my mom. glad i can talk to her about things and ask for advice.

thankful i get to help in Mike's class each week and the help i get with Katie so I can do that!

thankful I still enjoy to learn... because i have a lot left to learn!

thankful for my hubby, can't imagine having this life without him.

thankful for the Temple! Thankful that we are sealed together!!!

Grateful for our Savior, His ministry, His love, & His understanding of our needs.

So thankful for my children! Love, love, love Michael, Josh, and Katie! can't wait to have all of us together again!

and the last for today... I am thankful for Hope... it's not just wishing, it's doing our part for things in the future.