Families are Love

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My little thanks and my little loves

Being thankful for the things in our lives instead of complaining can spur hopefullness in the midst of trials, happiness to a bad day,  and smiles and laughter to any normal day.

I Am Thankful For:
1. a warm home
2. cuddles with my little Lea Lou
3. lubes from Katie... she's developed a list
4. Michael's kindness to his sisters
5. the infectious laughs of my kids
6. my husband's beautiful eyes... they are so clear and expressive... i don't know where he got them
7. a tax refund... woohoo!
8. Beauty in nature
9. technology
10. healing
11. peace of mind
12. my awesome parents... i don't know if i can tell them "thank you" and "i love you" enough!
13. primary! i love being in primary!!!! those kids are just awesome
14. forgiveness... heaven knows I'm not perfect, i need this everday!
15. a quirky companion... couldn't have had some of the adventures without him!

I could keep going and going and going.

*Michael turned 8! He turned 8! i can't believe he's that old. Mike is a great brother, he loves his family and we are so proud of him... he is such a wonderful boy! He loves school and no matter where he goes he leaves an impression on the people around him. his teacher told me that during a class exercise he was suppose to tell something he special about the person next to him. he had a hard time, but then turned to the girl next and told her that she is a child of God. my michael has such a special spirit and i know he has something awesome waiting for him in the future! oh how we love that boy!
*Katie is such a character, she tries to copy everything, everything Mike does... kind rubs you the wrong way, but she is just wonderful. Katie knows quite a few sight words, can count to 10 most of the time, loves to say prayers and sing I am a Child of God. She knows where she wants to go and is very determined.  We love her so much! Katie is kind and polite and i couldn't ask for a better a better little blondie.
*Lea is now 7 months old, she crawls, pulls herself up on furniture, smiles, laughs, loves her brother and sister, she is such a joy! love that little girl! Lea has been the baby i could just hold and hold.... she'll let me!

I have such wonderful children, i am so thankful that our family can be eternal, i am thankful that we want that, that we love each other! What a beautiful life!!!