Families are Love

Friday, November 27, 2009


I don't feel like it would be the holiday season if we didn't express thanks for a few of the blessings we have been blessed with this year.

* Family, what would we all do without our families. Steven, Michael, and I are so very thankful that we have family and that our little family is together. On this earth I don't know if there is really anything else that could make me happier. ;) Our extended families are such a blessing! We are so thankful that we live close and I am so thankful that I have been able to call my mom/dad to just talk and get advice, support, or just a hug when I've needed it.

* This wonderful gospel.... so this is the glue that makes the whole family thing the most wonderful thing. Knowing and feeling that we can be together for the eternities has helped us so much during the past 10 months. I can't imagine what my mental state would be without the knowledge the Lord has sent to the earth. Knowing that I/we have a loving Father in Heaven watching over us who sent a willing Savior to sacrifice for us, makes the daily grind/frustrations much easier. I am so thankful that I am a member of this wonderful church!

* Michael!!! He is such a joy, a blessing, and strength to Steve and I. We really enjoy being his parents. Of course we all have challenges with our kids, but I can't imagine not having him be apart of our little slice of family. He's an imaginative child that continues to bring smiles to my face everyday. He has a tremendous amount of patience for me as a mother and sometimes he surprises me with how matter-of-fact he can be about things. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be his mom and that I get to see him grow.

* Joshua ~ even though he is not on this earth with us any longer, his time with us here brought a lot of growth and even more at his passing. He was a joy to have in our home, he was loving and loved to be cuddly with me. Josh was always about business, even in play he seemed to have a purpose as to why he did something a certain way. I am so thankful I had him here, even though it was brief and I am thankful to know that he is busy on the other side doing the Lord's errand.

* Steve. My sweetheart. We don't always see eye to eye, but he's so very patient with me (seems to be a running thing). He knows what I need a lot of times before I need it and if he doesn't he isn't afraid to just ask and admit he doesn't know. He puts up with my random "this has to be done before bed" binges on cleaning, crafts, or whatever and the best and my most favorite: he helps me laugh everyday! He's been a shoulder when I've needed it, even when it's been very unexpected and a tremendous support during this past year. I don't think I could have gone through these trial with anyone else and come out without anger. I just love him so very much!

There are of course so many other blessings that I have received; I just wanted to share those today. Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

So as always I'm updating, not doing something amazing and exciting... just updating. Thanksgiving is almost here and we haven't been extremely busy, but enough to keep us going. I've recently (in the last month +) become addicted to blogs and websites of the crafty nature. I do blame Jennie and Megan for this ;)... they had the links on their blogs and the temptation was too great to resist. So now my nights are filled with trying to DECIDE not do, but DECIDE what projects I want to start, finish, and pursue. I've about got the Christmas capes done, my new Christmas wreath is finished, etc. etc. ; But my word blocks and banner for my basement are still rolling around on my brain. I just can't quite decide how I want them done. And knowing me... If they aren't done the way I'd like them to turn out the first time... they are put away for a few years and maybe I'll get to them the next time i clean out the closet. Anyone else have that problem?

Anyway, because of my new addiction I thought I would share some of my favorite sites to get creative juices flowing (they're on the side bar); and just as Jennie and Megan are responsible for my new addiction... I am now responsible for my friends Kimi's... I hope she forgives me :)

Anyway, Mike's been having a wonderful time at preschool. He's really enjoying this year and is more outgoing than he was before. His preschool class has 9 boys and only 2 girls most days. I kind of think Mrs. Hayes must have the patience of an angel to tackle that day after day. Mike loves to write his name and lets every cashier know that I'm his mom and that I'm 27. Why only the cashiers... I'm not sure, but what a wonderful quirk Mike has.

Last week we a a really neat story time at the library. It was based on the Polar Express. I hadn't been to one of the really big story times yet, so I was not prepared for it. We had to park 3 blocks away and wait in a line that was as long as the parking lot for the library. But it was worth it and really fun. There was fishing for donuts, and a story corner, making crafts to do with snow, etc. Each family was given a ticket so they could get their book when they were done... which was more than I expected. They were given a hardbound Polar Express book that came with a cd and cassette of the book, and of course a bell from Santa's sleigh. Mike had a lot of fun with it and I probably lost a pound or two in sweat. :)

This is Mike with our neighbor Kourtney, who came with us.
So as always I'm updating, not doing something amazing and exciting... just updating. Thanksgiving is almost here and we haven't been extremely busy, but enough to keep us going.
So as always I'm updating, not doing something amazing and exciting... just updating. Thanksgiving is almost here and we haven't been extremely busy, but enough to keep us going. Work is kind of crazy for Steve right now... one week he's pulling 50 hrs and the next it's slow
So as always I'm updating, not doing something amazing and exciting... just updating. Thanksgiving is almost here and we haven't been extremely busy, but enough to keep us going. I've recently (in the last month
So as always I'm updating, not doing something amazing and exciting... just updating. Thanksgiving is almost here and we haven't been extremely busy, but enough to keep us going.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was really fun this year! I took on the challenge to fashion Michael a "Wild Thing" costume. It didn't turn out how I pictured it in my mind, but Mike was super excited about it and that is what really mattered. I know it's kind of "white trashy" but I ended up using duct tape on his shirt because I couldn't get my other thought to work out on his shirt and I was running out of time at 11:45 pm. Steve was really helpful with calming me down when I got frustrated with my inadequacies in sewing... so kudos to him! ;) One thing I wish we would have taken advantage of sooner was a pumpkin walk in Shelley. We thought it was going to be like the years before and nothing really spectacular, but we were wrong! This year a scout used it as a food drive for his eagle project and it was awesome! They had displays of pirates, sponge bob, Horton the elephant, veggie tale stories, and a whole lot more. The pictures aren't that great because we didn't think to bring our camera, but it was awesome!

Michael just before his preschool Halloween party... I even was adventurous and made dirt and worm cupcakes... no pictures of them

Our pumpkins... we used a drill for the freckles and the disco ball. They aren't the best pictures, but they work!

Our wonderful leaves and our familia! What a wonderful life!!!

I also couldn't resist this picture of Steve. Mike and I found these cheap glasses at the dollar store and played with them for a few days before we made Steve put them on.

So the pumpkin walk will have to wait 'til later. I don't know if i will ever catch up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Sept. and Oct. Pictures

We've had some fun the last couple of months. Seems like there was always something going on. Halloween will have to come another day. So here are some pictures. Hope you like them

The Dino dig for the preschool was great fun! Steve went with Michael's class and he even seemed to enjoy himself... he was behind the camera in most pictures! For a few weeks after Mike wanted to play the dinosaur game. It was kind of like red light/green light. It's been fun and he is all about the dinos lately especially with a new cartoon called dinosaur train on pbs... he loves learning about all the new stuff and I'm sure that Santa will be asked for something to do with dinos! September also brought the AZ cousins to Idaho for Heber's funeral. They ended up staying an extra week to help out with the fam. business, so Michael was able to spend some time with his cousins Ian and Isaac. The best part... football game with grandpa and dad! Go Shelley Go! They had a great time and as you can seen from the picture... they all came home tuckered out! ;)

Super hero moments with dad... what fun that day was! I'm making Michael a super hero cape with matching pjs for Christmas. I'm really excited about it... I'll have to post a picture of them when I'm done. I'm making a couple for Ella and Kadied (twin girls of our friends) too. Anyway, what more fun can you have than playing with dad, huh? two super heroes doing the dishes... truly... MY HEROES! (Steve might need a cape too, what do you thing?)

And of course the pumpkin patch! Another preschool field trip that was loads of fun! The kids got to pick out their own pumpkin and then played around in the straw maze for about 1/2 hr. It was extra special because Mike had a special friend, our neighbor Beck, with him.
Preschool that day was pretty much a party. They went to the pumpkin patch first and then when they got back to the school it was only 10 minutes to the homecoming parade and then time to go home. Pretty easy day don't you think?


We've really enjoyed the last couple of months. Sept and Oct. have been pretty full with things to do. So with out further adeiu... here are some pictures.