Families are Love

Monday, July 21, 2008


The red death as we call it and Steve's favorite seasoning.
well not so much has happened as of late, but like everyone else you get behind on things and feel the need to catch up.
Steve just came back from a week at scout camp! yes, he was out of here the whole week... it was crazy! two of the 6 days I took on a neighbors 4 kids!!! i think I am okay with just two for now... being a mom of 6 is not what i want right now. We did have some fun and we actually survived going to the zoo... thank you Steph for helping me out!!!
Steve had a wonderful time and came home with such a wonderful spirit about him and of course enough stories about scout camp to last at the very least for two weeks. The best news is that 5 out of the 8 scouts that went up with our troop this year were asked to go up for the next two weeks to be on the camp staff!!! All of the scouts had a really great time and did over 90 hours of service while there including building a new bridge!!! They also had a great experience being involved in a flag retirement ceremony for the whole camp that retired I think 8 flags... everyone who was up there on Friday night just raves about it! This year all the boys decided to be friends even on Monday morning at 5:30 am before they left they all had committed to being good people... so much better and different than last year!!! Even I'm excited about it. Myself and two other wives of leaders who were up there last week were given a special award from our Bishop on Sunday to say thank you for staying home while our husbands played like boys again for a week.

We also finally defeated the enemy "tactile sense" in the NOODLE WARS and got Mike and Josh to eat spaghetti again!!! yea for progress. Steve and I were/are so excited! Life on the whole is great lately! We've had a great month... the 4th of July was wonderful and the boys are making quite a bit of progress in therapy. Josh is really working hard with his speech and is starting to put together some sentences. Mike is making more progress with his congnitive understanding and life is getting a little easier. I feel like I'm in immersion camp for understanding spd and autism. I'm not getting as mixed up with all the terms and I understand now how to intergrate a lot of activities to help the boys with moving forward.

This is Josh and his OT Sean in therapy socks to help with the proprioceptive input... Josh seemed to love it and I didn't mind it either when I had a turn. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Keep on Moving

WOW! I can't believe how time goes by and how quickly things go. Life is fantastic! Mike and Josh are making some really good improvements with therapy and their speech. Josh especially is making some leaps with dealing with tactile sensations and we are focusing on finishing and tolerating "unfavorable" tasks... ya know anything a strong willed three year doesn't want to do.... anything! HAhaha. learning about spd has been really envigorating and exciting. It's really neat to see how everything... noise level and tone, visual stimili, textures of fabric, food, surfaces... effects all of our responses to things. I love all of this... granted I'm getting things mixed up, but it's been wonderful! We had a wonderful 4th of July with our families and especially the cousins!!! We'll have to put the pictures on here another time.

They boys love chocolate milk... I can't seem to have my breakfast shakes to myself any more!!!