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Monday, May 19, 2008

And the Hansen saga continues...

Life is such an adventure, isn't is? I know I use that a lot, but I can't think of any other way to describe it. Summer is here and hopefully good weather will stay, but with the ups and downs I'm not sure what joke is being played on us. today it's 80 outside, but by wednesday it's only going to be in the low 60s! I'm really getting anxious to get my garden in and see all the seeds sprout. I'm being a dutiful Idahoan and growing potatoes this year... we'll see what happens. i'm not so sure they will work.

Mother's day around here was pretty quiet... just what we needed. We went to church and then stayed home! it was wonderful. We missed being out at Becky's, but we needed time together as a whole family. It was really nice to have that. We all took a nap that afternoon and then Steve had the boys come wake me up. it was a really nice thing to wake up to three boys bouncing on the bed. The boys gave me their handprints and a poem and Steve gave me plant beds around my house and when we have time to go get it a lilac tree for the back yard.

Lately things have been so crazy trying to get applicaitons for therapy done.... which if anyone ever needs help with that I might be able to help with the whole 60+ page per child applications bleh!.. and haven't had much time for anything else. We are having a lot of fun though!

Steve's still enjoying work and has loved some of the challenges he's been given. Being a mom is great too... a little hectic, but who would trade the experience for something else? Mike and Josh are doing wonderful, they are moving a long really well with learning how to deal with their SPD and their speech is coming faster now. it seems really strange to think of what other 3yr olds do when mine are different. mike and josh have wonderful nursery leaders at church who also get to work with them sometimes at school. It's really nice to have a support system like that... not to mention most of the women i work with in primary are teachers. I've been doing a lot of learning lately about SPD and communications disorders and a little bit about autism. Sometimes I wonder why these little children have to go through these things, and not just my own kids. With the boys' therapy we meet a lot of families who have similiar situations or ones where they've had to come to terms that their child will not likely progress past a certian point. Steve and I feel so blessed to have been given Mike and Josh. Sometimes it's hard... when Mike decides to go mute for no reason or when Josh can't tolerate textures, but we wouldn't have asked for any other way. They are such a blessing and joy to our life and family. What an adventure it continues to be!!!

In the last month or so we've been having some fun with a baby and a dog. One of our neighbors had to go to some training in Boise for her job, so we got to have a baby in the house for a few hours a day for a week. it was so fun to watch how careful the boys were with him. I even caught mike trying to give a baby doll some of his juice because he saw how I was feeding Gavin. Josh really liked to be right next to him, I had gone outside to turn off the water and when I came back inside Josh had snuck into my room and was pretending to be asleep by Gavin. It was a lot of fun.

We also babysat a puppy for one of Steve's friends for a week. The boys loved him and he was beautiful! I don't think I want a dog now as much as I did before, but mike still looks for him in mornings. And Josh likes to pretend he's a dog and tries to drink out of a bucket now when he's outside!!!

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