Families are Love

Friday, September 26, 2008

A realization

we have been abundantly blessed lately and I guess with all the hussle and bussle around here lately Steve and I hadn't taken notice. This last week I have had my eyes opened. Last month my boss asked me to add more hours and become a supervisor... I thought great more income...... ahhhhh more time away from my boys, all 3. This last week has shown me the Lord's hand in it though. Mike and Josh love that they get to have two-on-one time with dad and Steve is really enjoying it. He even ventured to take them to a football game... yes I went too. Grandpa Larry was there and the boys loved looking through his binoculars or as mike calls them "a cheese". He thinks it's like a camera. :) I usually have a break in between helping people with their buildings so i get to help put the boys to bed and read stories or play quarterback with them.
We've also been blessed with a really good support system for the boys. They have the most amazing preschool teacher who loves them and has so much patience for them, Nursery leaders who sometimes can't get enough of them, OTs Sean and Race who help them with their confidence to do things and help them keep on track, Speech therapist who give Josh so much praise for trying so hard and who love Mike's own pronunciations, and grandparents who love them and want to help them with their challenges. It's been an interesting year and looking back on the last 9 months we've made wonderful progress. Mike's tantrums are basically gone, Josh's speech is really starting to pick up and he wants to communicate, we're working on the SPD stuff and finding new ways to make things work for what they each individually can do.
It's amazing how one day it can seem like a challenge and a burden and then down the road you understand what an opportunity and blessing they have become.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School is Here... Hooray!

Well.... it's official school has started and we have made it through 2 weeks! hooray for that!!! The first 2 days I couldn't get Mike and Josh to eat breakfast because they were so excited for the bus, so they went hungry. Now don't take me wrong, I tried. I even took their little table to the door so they could eat and watch for the bus, but that didn't work. By the third day... Josh was finally hungry enough in the morning that he ate and ate... I think it spurred Mike to eat too. They love riding the bus... in fact they don't even say goodbye to Mom anymore unless I make them do it before the bus gets on our street!