Families are Love

Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, like so many others this year I am late with wishing everyone a merry Christmas! I hope that our families know how much we love and appreciate them especially with all the support and love that they send our way.

Our Christmas was really nice. We had a quiet day on Christmas Eve and spent the most part of that day making and taking treats to our neighbors. That night we ventured out of Shelley and went to GrandmaGrandpaBean's house, as Mike calls it... Josh just calls it "Bean home"... and went to go look at lights. It was really fun. I don't know whether Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed it, but the rest of us did. It's so nice to see what creative things people have done for the enjoyment of others. There was one house in our little town that put their lights to music. They even did live dj-ing every night. The night we stopped and watched a little boy came on the radio and told everyone to not make-out in front of his house! It gave us a laugh! :)

We had an adventure on the way home that night from the storm that was blowing through, but it was worth it to get the time with our family. The boys, mostly Mike, really understood the whole Santa thing this year. for the last 3 or 4 days up to Christmas he would wake up and ask if Santa came. It was really fun to see how excited they were about all of it this year. Josh was mostly excited about the snow and he loved going sledding on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was fine and brought some much fun, but SPD did start to get the best of the boys towards the late afternoon and we had to jet out of grandma and grandpa's house. The boys love the quilts they got and especially the dinos that Santa brought. I will be glad when the batteries wear out.

Some of the best things that happened in the week up to Christmas were:
1. Josh and Mike went around wherever we were and wished everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS at the top of their lungs.
2. They also kept singing happy birthday to Jesus. I had explained that it was His birthday and that Santa was bringing us a present to remind us it was Jesus' birthday. I should have that it through and came up with a better relationship between the two, but maybe next time.
3. Jingle bells in our house was changed to "jiggy bells" courtesy of Josh
4. And last, but not least one of the best things that happened was the peace and light that we felt in our home.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mom Days

to be honest today was one of those days! I didn't want to have the name "Mom". I know that everyone has one of these days and maybe more than one a week, but oh! today was my day.

We had a lot to do, including a Christmas party @ preschool and therapy. So when they got up this morning and were dragging their feet I cringed. We got to the Christmas party that is 3 blocks away just fine, except that we were 10 minutes late... we just couldn't get moving. After that we came home and they had some chill out time before we had to go to Blackfoot for therapy.

Everything went fine until 1/2hr before we needed to leave. Every time I walked out of the room they started fighting! So we were 10 minutes late for that one too! Therapy went really well until the last 10 minutes... what is it with the 10s? Michael and Josh both had a melt down and it was in a hallway that echoes horribly. They started to settle a little before we left, but then it started up again once I told them we had to take the elevator instead of our norm... the stairs. They were just too slippery.

Anyway, it took me almost 10 minutes, there it is again, to get them from the basement(where therapy is), to the elevator (hissy fit at the door to the stairs), then we went up and down twice before I could get them to get out of the elevator which entailed me carrying them both out football style and two nurses holding open the doors.

to end on a positive note, I really do feel like my children are a blessing and I really enjoy being a mom! Life is really a wonderful adventure and I am so thankful that I have my family to experience it with; I could just go without the "mom days"