Families are Love

Sunday, November 4, 2007

In the Beginning....

In the beginning was the Steve. And Mindy was with Steve. And Mindy and Steve were with each other. Then came there in the house two beings of male origin. One named Michael and the other named Joshua. And there were many diapers, tantrums, learnings, and teachings. (and if no one can tell this is Steven typing not me) (Me being Mindy)

Then there were blogs. And we liked the blogs. So we created a blog. And THIS... is our blog. Enjoy. Over to Mindy....

After trying to find some time for quite awhile... it finally happened! We are now officially bloggers... I know it's not all that exciting, but with how things run in our house sometimes.. it doesn't seem like we can ever get a minute to ourselves. And yes, we love the (...) thing.

This year has been wonderful! We had a great garden (I think I still have onions growing), we even had three pumpkins... the vine grew longer than our house, but it was fun. Our sunflowers did really well too and brought us lots of birds and bugs... bleh.

Anyway, Halloween was a blast! The boys had play group the day before and they went trick or treating to all the offices in the building. Needless to say they received too much candy for our own good. This year they both dressed up like rodeo clowns! It was really fun. The boys stood on our vanity and put make-up on me while I put their faces on. On Halloween we went to Idaho Falls and visited Grandma Woolstenhulme and Grandpa at his office. Although they were good while we were there... they decided they didn't want what was in the candy bowl and took a chocolate doughnut out of the conference room. :) Later on we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's house, but only for a minute to see them and Aunt Mel. All in all we had a great Halloween and the extra candy from our surrogate grandpas (Brother Drollinger and Ivan Hibbert) didn't hurt us one bit.
We also just wanted to drop in some other pictures of our family that just makes us smile. We hope that all is well with everyone.