Families are Love

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things that I love

So the other night I was in a feisty mood while I was trying to go to sleep, so I decided to start listing things in my head that I love and am thankful for. To keep in that spirit of gratitude I've tried to keep it up the last few days so, without further adieu ... things that I love


~ when the sun shines, especially on gloomy days
~ seeing my family happy
~ feeling peace and calm about trials
~ enjoying nature
~ my husband and confidant, Steven
~ watching Michael learn something new and really understand it.
~ adventures, but mostly when I get to look back on them... sometimes they can be pretty scary
~ my children (Michael, Josh, and the new little one coming in July)
~ to learn... again mostly when I get to look back on what I learned
~ to read
~ to understand how people work... should have been a psych major.
~ the scriptures and the spirit they can bring into a home
~ music, especially primary music. what can I say, I've been in some part of primary for 7 yrs.
~ finding out that someone who you just wanted happiness for, is happy.
~ experiencing joy unexpectedly
~ serving without knowing that you were doing a service.
~a friendly note in the mail... not e-mail, but the real mail always makes me smile ;)
~ being able to recognize that my prayers are answered
~ time with my husband... dates area fabulous!
~ reading time with Mike... especially when it's dinosaurs... he Loves dinosaurs!
~ seeing little wisps of Josh in things that Michael does
~ understanding the strengths and challenges that Mike and other kids have
~finding that I can have patience... can being the operative word. :)
~ feeling loved
~ finding a friend that I didn't know I had.
~ talking for hours about everything going on with someone I love... thanks Steve ;)
~being friends with my sisters and mom
~the adventures of parenthood and being an aunt to some wonderful kids (wish Utah and Arizona weren't so far away)
~ finding pictures on the computer that I haven't been able to find for months and months... like this one:

Me and my two super heroes on a walk... my most favorite of all. summer of 2008
(thanks for taking that pic babe! I didn't realize how special a pic like that would be to me until now)

I could keep going, but I'm sure at some point I will be doing this again. It seems that when we look at all our blessings and count them, they grow into a vast array of beauty and joy. The other night I definitely needed it! Love you all.