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Thursday, April 25, 2013

tender mercies

I am so blessed to be a mother. I've been able to take time lately and reflect on all the tender mercies I've received from my Heavenly Father. I'm far from perfect, far from deserving, but yet I've been given some wonderful wonderful things!

1. My sweetheart. how he has put up with me, i don't know. he's my comfort, strength, my best friend
2. Wonderful Michael. He is such a joy to have, so full of silliness, compassion, love, full of life! He is so patient with me as his mother. He teaches me a lot about how to be more Christ like, more willing to share how wonderful the truths of the gospel are. I believe he was sent here to do a great amount of good on this earth! oh how i love my boy!
3. Josh. his passing taught me a lot about myself, my marriage and my dependance on my Savior and my Father in Heaven. Being able to feel him near at special times is such a beautiful thing. Knowing he is helping prepare that world for the coming of Christ is such a special feeling and that he got to help his sisters prepare to come to our family is such a comfort that the bonds of family are eternal.
4. KatieBug! What a sweetie. Having Katie helped heal my heart and kept me going knowing I would have another little one to hold and love on. Katie will move mountains! Katie has a zest for life, a craving to get on with what she needs to do. sometimes I think she can't wait to grow up so she can get on with her purpose. She has such an abundance of love for those around her. she can be so gentle and soft with others and at other times so wild, it's like she's ready for her big body not this child's one. she is a helpful caring soul and i'm afraid takes after me in temperment somedays.
5. LeaLou... I don't know if she will actually know her name until she's older. Lea Marie, but I always call her Lou. She's been a good blessing, she's calm and soft, she wants to be cuddled a lot more than my other kids have... and I love that! she has bright shiny eyes that express a lot. She has a look like Josh every once-in-awhile that is just what i need.

I am so thankful for my blessing, my family, my parents. So grateful for a Savior who suffered for my sins, for my pains and sorrows, and who died that I and my family might live again. What a glorious blessing this life is!!!

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